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Unity Winter Watch

Venue Online
Admission £5
Start Time 00:00
End Time 00:00

Ahead of their new season and the launch of Unity On-Demand this January, they’re giving you the chance to catch-up on all the brilliant productions you may have missed online this year.

Until Saturday 15th January, the majority of their 2021 in-venue programme is available to watch online for a special, winter watch period.

Alongside the brilliant work that has previously been available to watch online this year, including work from their Open Call programme, they will also have 5 new premieres, including BlackFest, Elaine Collins and three Christmas-specials – The Secret Circus, Nana Funk’s Stocking Filler and Us Four: A Festive Folk Night.

The Unity Winter Watch not only allows you to enjoy great entertainment from your home and catch up on shows you have missed, but you will also be supporting Liverpool talent at the same time. All shows will be £5 to watch with all of your ticket money going directly to the artist or company.

So grab your blanket, quality street tin and mulled wine, settle in and enjoy some fantastic Liverpool productions (whilst supporting artists at the same time).

The Unity Winter Watch Line-Up Includes:

Blackfest’s Hip Hop Dance For All

NEW PREMIERE: BlackFest’s ‘Borderline Funk’ community group are proud to present a verbatim piece of Theatre For Social Change based on the theme of protest.

Elaine Collins’ DDDivas

NEW PREMIERE: Presenting a short extract from the work in progress DDDivas, Elaine Collins is a neuro-divergent singer and theatre maker who is passionate and committed to telling her story.

Out The Attic present That’s What She Said

That’s What She Said explores the experiences of six young women on holiday in Ibiza, how they navigate the divisions that have been forged between women of different class, race and background.

RAWD present Phone Home

This is RAWD to Ground Control. After getting lost in the lockdown blackhole, it’s time to shuttle up on the long journey back to earth and reality. After a long year of shielding, the disabled artists of RAWD crash land at Unity Theatre with their comeback performance; Phone Home.

Leianna Boodaghians presents The Weight of Repopulating a Nation

The Weight of Repopulating a Nation is an autobiographical performance that documents Leianna’s journey as she uncovers her own story and her community’s.

Sian Davies’ About Time

About Time is the debut hour of stand-up for the winner of Best Debut Show at Leicester Comedy Festival 2020. This is a coming of age tale about time, growing up and finding your place in this world.

Rickety Fidgets present The Masked Femme

Rickety Fidgets will piledrive British transphobia for the three-count in this silly but heartfelt tale of one trans wrestler’s rise and fall.

Transcend Theatre present How to Kill a Rose

How To Kill a Rose follows the story of a transgender couple; 16 year old ‘Me’ and 23 year old ‘Him’. Using a dynamic mix of Scouse humour and delicate spoken word poetry, the story follows the journey of their relationship and explores the often subtle and unnoticed aspects of abuse.

Katy-Anne Bellis presents Over The Garden Wall

Over The Garden Wall is a heart-warming shadow puppet show inspired by stories from Liverpool neighbours and a celebration of the communities they live in.

Victoria Oxley presents Stayin’ Alive

Drawing on the raw essence of scouse charm, humour and grit, Stayin’ Alive follows the story of Maggie as she confronts her mental health problems and the loss of her Grandmother.

Tom Kinney presents A Heavenly Way To Die

A Heavenly Way to Die is a love story about being in a relationship while suffering from Harm OCD. This rehearsed reading is supported by the Unity and the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse.

Alice Bunker-Whitney presents A Greasy Spoon

A Greasy Spoon is a dark comedy set in an absurd heightened reality…a café in Liverpool. Mandy and Shannon’s day gets off to a rocky start and never gets back on track. All they want to do is clean up the mess they are in, but life keeps serving them up new problems.

One September present Out Of The Narrow Place

This is a meal, a ritual and a performance work in progress about what it means to be descended from African slaves. Born out of a desire to live fully, despite a painful history, and a difficult present, Artist Aleasha Chaunte is on a quest to create the perfect ritual to heal this most particular kind of pain.

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