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This event has ended

Unsolicited (An Unsafe Space for Straight Men)

Venue Royal Court
Admission £14
Start Time 19:30
End Time 22:00

Oi! Men! Yes, You. Straight men. The ship is setting sail and needs you aboard! We can’t guarantee a safe journey, the winds are getting stronger, the waves are swelling, and a storm is brewing on the old sea of misogyny.

This journey is for you but it’s about us, women. It’s about our unsafe spaces, our fears, your unwanted dick pics, approaches, harassment, and your responsibility. Will it be lairy? Yes. Will it be lady-like? Hell no! Girls bring your fellas, you husbands, partners, mates, brothers, sons, dads as we get to grip with this giant and humongous wave.

This performance has been created and devised by a collective of brilliant female artists from the Northwest.

Content Warning 18+ This performance contains verbatim descriptions and graphic details of sexual assault, rape, sexual violence, murder, abusive and sexist and offensive language.

The event is held Royal Court Studio, 19/20 January, 7.30pm.

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