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WoWFEST: Class of ’23

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As the economy spirals into turmoil and workers from all sectors take to the picket lines in demand for better wages and conditions, WoWFEST is raising its banner high.

WoWFEST: Class of ‘23 invites everyone to join them in a month-long celebration of working-class culture and life, in all its diversity. 

Their line-up of writers, artists, and commentators will explore the ways in which class shapes our perceptions, experiences, opportunities, and culture, and how we view our place in the world. They’ll delve into the impact of race, gender, and sexual orientation on class, and examine how literature addresses or reinforces class inequality.

Join WoWFEST: Class of ’23 and be part of the change you want to see – make your voice heard in the campaign for social equality!

Meet the class of ’23

Michael Rosen, Travis Alabanza, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Lowkey, Shami Chakrabarti, Gary Younge, Kenan Malik, Joelle Taylor, Kit De Waal, Chris Nineham, Tomiwa Owolade, She Drew The Gun, Peter Hooton + Many more!

Upcoming Events


Dispatches From The Diaspora: Gary Younge In Conversation With Shami Chakrabarti – 15 May, 8pm @Liverpool Philharmonic

Join acclaimed journalist and author Gary Younge on a journey through the Black diaspora – from Nelson Mandela to Black Lives Matter – in his latest book, Dispatches from the Diaspora. In conversation with human rights activist and barrister, Shami Chakrabarti, Gary will share his first-hand experiences and observations on race, racism, and black life and death across the globe, from Africa and the Caribbean to Europe and the United States. Find out more.

Hidden Voices: Comic Writing And The Subversion of Traditional Narrative – 16 May, 6pm @Online

Archie Bongiovanni,Minneapolis based cartoonist and illustrator discusses their latest book, Mimosa, and the challenges of portraying the lives of queer people as well as the challenges for artists working on comic books. Exploring the messy and realistic highs and lows of queer friendship, Mimosa tells the story of a group of queer 30-somethings searching for purpose in their lives. Archie delivers this healthy dose of reality with their saucy attitude and humour. Find out more.

Getting Better: Michael Rosen In Conversation With Jordan Stephens – 18 May, 8pm @Liverpool Philharmonic

In his brilliant new memoir, Getting BetterLife lessons on going under, getting over it, and getting through it, beloved poet and author Michael Rosen shares his experience of grief after the death of his son, suffering Covid and near death, and the lessons he learned along the way. Through investigating the road to recovery, Michael explores how we can find it within ourselves to live well again after, or even during the darkest times of our lives. Despite his grief and trauma, Michael has survived and even learned to find joy in life in the aftermath of tragedy. 

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