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This event has ended

Yeats to Music: a joyful concert by Brandies Band & Factor 7

Venue Leaf
Admission £12/£10
Start Time 20:00
End Time 21:30

Sparkling voices, bright melodies and WB Yeats’s greatest poems; they all come together in Yeats to Music.

The performers are a bunch of charming Belgians who love Irish poetry. So much so, they released an album of 10 original songs, based on poems by Yeats. So, rise and go. Celebrate the centenary of Yeats being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature with Brandies Band and the wonderful voices of Factor 7. Sing along with the chorus of Words; be touched by Never Give all the Heart and clap along with The Song of Wandering Aengus.

No better way to round off the weekend than attending this joyful concert.

#LIF2023 @LivIrishFest

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