5 Unique Ways To Treat Your Mum This Mother’s Day

By Sarah Westhead

Sefton Park Palm House Liverpool
Sefton Park Palm House by Bob Coyne via Unsplash

Sunday, 19th of March marks Mother’s Day, 2023. For those of us lucky to have our mothers around us, why not treat them to something a bit different this year? Here at Uncover Liverpool, we have compiled five activities that will really show your mum how much you love her.

1. Bisque It – Pottery Painting & Plant-Based Cafe

Bisque It offers a great way to spend time with your mum, while enjoying some relaxing pottery painting alongside food and drinks. Bisque It has two venues, one in Oxton and one in the Baltic Triangle. The Baltic Triangle venue is closed on Sundays, however you can pick up their Mother’s Day Mug Takeaway Kit so you and your mum can paint whenever and wherever you like!

2. Mam-And-Me-Ah! Mother’s Day Brunch

Camp and Furnace are hosting a Mothers’ Day ABBA tribute, including brunch, a live ABBA Tribute Show & 90 minutes of bottomless Prosecco, bottled beer & soft drinks. For all you Dancing queens out there, I’m sure that your mum will thank you for the music and food at this event.

3. Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea at the Mansion House, Calderstones Park

This special Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea at Mansion House kicks off with a glass of fizz (or non-alcoholic fizz) on arrival, alongside a selection of sandwiches and cakes from the award-winning Cuthbert’s Bakehouse (vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available). Victoria Sharpe will be taking musical requests and, as home to The Reader organisation, there will also be a poem recital – plus every mum, or mother figure, is gifted a hand-picked poetry anthology to take home. The Reader also recognises that Mother’s Day can be difficult for some so they are also offering a free reading workshop on their free ways to Nurture and be Nurtured.

4. Songs in the Park – a Mother’s Day Special, Sefton Park Palm House

If you are looking for a free event, then look no further than Sefton Park Palm House. On the eve of the first day of spring join Liverpool Voice Choir and many others as they perform this Mother’s Day special concert. Enjoy the leafy environment away from the city’s usual hustle and bustle. The event starts at 2pm and, although free, donations are welcome.

5. Top Girls at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

Does your mum love a trip to the theatre? Then why not take her to see Top Girls, the play about female drive and determination in the 1980s, at the beloved Everyman Theatre. Fantastical and fiercely funny, Top Girls is acclaimed as one of British theatre’s crowning glories. As Caryl Churchill’s ground-breaking play turns 40, it is now more urgent and necessary than ever.

To find out what else is happening across Liverpool and the city region check out our What’s On listings.

Legendary Indian vocalist Bombay Jayashri returns to Liverpool for the first time in over a decade

Bombay Jayashri - Tung Auditorium

Last week, we sat down with the legendary Indian vocalist Bombay Jayashri to discuss her incredible career, and her upcoming visit to the UK. On the 24th March, the acclaimed Carnatic singer will perform in Liverpool for one night only. Marking her first performance in the UK in over 15 years, Jayashri last performed in the country back in 2008, at London’s Southbank Centre:

It was such a fantastic event. I remember little details of that concert. The stage, the decor was in pink and yellow. I have such fond memories of a great audience and fantastic acoustics. We had a blast of a time.”

Of course, prior to that, I’ve come to Milap for workshops with the beautiful students. They’re energetic students who are so eager to learn…

With a career spanning over three incredible decades, Jayashri has broken barriers as a cultural ambassador of India’s rich heritage. Her artistry has encapsulated the meaning of ‘East meets West’; having performed extensively throughout the subcontinent and further abroad, the performer has the extremely rare privilege of being the first Carnatic classical vocalist to have graced the stage in some of the world’s finest Opera Houses.

I think travel has taught me much more than any school or college that I have gone to, because it’s about people. It’s about relationships, how you communicate, how you’re inspired by that, their cultural identity. How you see your cultural identity through their lens, how they see yours, how I see theirs, so yes, travel is important, specifically in many, many countries in Europe, UK, Germany, France, Portugal, and Spain.”

Known for her distinctive vocal range and quality, her incredibly varied repertoire features songs from various Indian languages including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi. A frequent headliner at major Indian festivals, her finely honed voice exudes a hypnotism difficult to resist.

“Indian classical music is a very systematised way of singing. We have two forms. The Hindustani Indian classical music and the Carnatic Indian classical music, two very different forms. The Hindustani is practiced in the Northern states, Carnatic is practiced in the four, now five Southern states of India, they’re very different, in grammar, in architecture, in temperament, the way they flow, the phraseology, though they come from the same route, which is the seven notes. And that’s because of the different influences that South India has had, as opposed to the different influences North India has had in terms of who the people were that ruled the place, who are the people who patronised the music, what languages North Indians speak, how those languages then in turn affected, the presentation of the music and all of that. So they’re very different. But yet, to someone who’s outside India, they may still seem very similar.”

In 2012, Jayashri was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Original Song category for ‘Pi’s Lullaby,’ from the film Life of Pi, and in 2021, Jayashri was awarded a Padma Shri – India’s fourth highest civilian award.

Bombay Jayashri, alongside H.N. Bhaskar (violin), Sai Giridhar (mridangam) and Giridhar Udupa (ghatam) will perform at Liverpool’s The Tung Auditorium on Friday, 24th March 2023. Tickets are available to purchase at thetungauditorium.com/events/bombay-jayashri-in-concert

Liverpool Makers Bazaar: From Both Sides of The Trestle Table

By Pauline Neville

Liverpool Makers Bazaar Feature

All craft is art.

I believe that if someone takes components, whether they be thread and fabric, precious metal, wood or clay and by some process combines these to make something aesthetically appealing and on occasion useful, then they are an artist.

The term handmade as opposed to homemade has rightly gained more respect and popularity over the last few years.  Appreciative customers are more aware of the time and love lavished upon such items in addition to the quality materials and skill involved. I am happy to see more venues for small local businesses popping up, across our city allowing our talented makers the opportunity to sell directly to a discerning public.

Liverpool Makers Bazaar - The Felt Factory
The Felt Factory

Since 2015 I have been organising Liverpool Makers Bazaar (LMB) a pop up market of all things handmade. I curate as wide a variety of crafts as possible to ensure that our events are interesting for our regular customers and hopefully lucrative for our stallholders. Past makers of jewellery for example have worked in silver, fabric, concrete, resin, polymer clay, beads, glass… you get the idea.

Down the years I have been frequently impressed with the imagination and creativity that people display in their work. For example, we are often joined by stallholders with beautiful mouth blown glass, several amazing painters selling originals and prints and candle makers to name but a few. You really don’t want me to list them all as they are not the same group at each event.

There is surely a craft for everyone and if you maintain that you are not artistic, perhaps that is because you have not yet discovered the right one for you. Or indeed maybe it is waiting for you to invent it. 

LMB has swelled from the initial 24 stalls in the community centre at The Old Police Station on Lark Lane, to a healthy 45 stalls across the three rooms available in this quirky old building. As well as our artists, we host Mrs B’s Vintage Tea Room, a legend in everyone’s lunchtime, offering hot drinks and the most wonderful home-made cakes, served on fine vintage china atop embroidered tablecloths. We take our fuel stops very seriously!

With the exception of July and August we hold a monthly market through March to December at Lark Lane. But this year, as I have retired from my day job, I hope to have the capacity to hold extra pop up markets around and about. But news of those later in the year.  When I know, you will, so keep an eye on the Instagram page for details.

Liverpool Makers Bazaar - East Street Concrete
East Street Concrete

LMB operates a first come best served policy. When one event finishes, we issue a callout for stallholders for our next event, on Instagram and Facebook. Potential attendees provide pictures of what they wish to sell.  If their work is made by them and is sufficiently different from the work of those we have already signed up, we invite them to join us (subject, to receipt of their public and product liability insurance and payment).

In addition to our frequent attendees, happily we have new artists joining us each time. We have been lucky enough to host some very experienced makers alongside first timers, which can be of benefit to both. Sales aside, there are many networking benefits at our events. I have seen firm friendships forged, productive business introductions made and opportunities seized. On a smaller scale practical advice such as recommendations for insurance, card readers or packaging is offered freely between stallholders, alongside suggestions to improve display layouts or expand on products on offer.

Liverpool is an incredibly creative city brimming with people who have amazing ideas and the technical know-how to realise them. I have been delighted to have met so many talented local people and hope to meet more in the future. It would also be my pleasure to introduce you to some of them, with the assistance of the ever supportive Uncover Liverpool.  I have been asked to bring you a series of interviews spotlighting some of the wonderful small local business owners who are doing what they love and with your help as customers hope to forge a livelihood from it. 

I hope to see you at a market soon. Our next Liverpool Makers Bazaar takes place on Sunday 12 March and with free entry it’d be rude not to join us!

Unity Theatre Embrace Hybrid Theatre With ‘Unity Online’ Platform

By Codi Jaques

Unity Online


In June 2022, Unity Theatre released their very own online streaming service, ‘Unity Online’. This service now means there is an archive of eclectic and eccentric performances originally from the Unity stage that you can view comfortably from home, if you prefer. Or, perhaps you missed the original viewing because of schedule clashes, or illness; Unity Online gives you a Plan B for the unfortunate live theatre-goer typical mishaps. Unity is well into its Winter/Spring programme, and so Unity Online offers many of the shows you may have missed during the colder Winter months.

What is so special about Unity Online is that all performances are filmed in front of live audiences, and so as a viewer at home, you get that feeling and buzz of being in the theatre. You equally can create your own viewing party, without worrying about paying for numerous tickets, making for a more accessible experience.

This is an exciting opportunity for artists at Unity Theatre, giving those who are featured on the platform a recording of their performance, enabling them to utilise this for future marketing and promotion. All round, a positive move towards a more accessible and tangible theatre scene.

I had the good fortune of seeing a show which is now featured on the Unity Online platform entitled ‘Tough Old Bird’, which I enjoyed thoroughly and after watching, I wanted to show my friends and family the show. With this platform it’s so easy for me to do so. 

The shows featured on the platform are wide-ranging and ever-changing, keeping the platform fresh and engaging for audiences. The platform also features teasers for new releases, interviews and podcasts, and news. 

Luke Bryant, Unity Theatre’s Marketing Campaigns Lead said:
“Unity Online means so much to us at Unity, and hopefully also to the large community of artists that it platforms. As a site dedicated to making incredible work from Liverpool-based artists accessible to the whole world, it encapsulates everything we set out to achieve as an organisation, both on stage and online. As the site grows, now more than half of Unity Online viewers watch from outside of Liverpool, which we think is a great achievement!’
As for where Unity Online is going; in the future we can’t wait to develop the platform with our various content series, like the Roundtable discussions as well as a brand-new dedicated resource hub. We hope for Unity Online to grow into a truly unique hybrid of top-quality entertainment and artistic education.”

All in all, as an epic project to diversify the accessibility to Unity Theatre and grow the audiences for upcoming artists, Unity Online is a fantastic offering. Check it out for yourself at www.unitytheatreliverpool.co.uk/unity-online/

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde At Hope Street Theatre – A one man marathon through a 19th century classic

By Sarah Westhead

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

Mark Stratford held the audience in the palm of his hands at Hope Street Theatre last night, during his one man adaptation of the famous Robert Louis Stevenson novella.

The play stayed faithful to its 19th century roots, while at the same time aesthetically stripping it down to its bare minimum. However, elaborate sets and lighting were not needed when the main actor was so full of depth.

Stratford conceived, designed and adapted this take on good vs evil, and thoroughly delivered on what he set out to achieve.

He commences the play by addressing the audience as Inspector Newcomen, where he breaks the fourth wall, in a manner to gain the audience’s attention, and set out to tell this strange tale. He takes on a sway-back posture, complete with hands on hips and cockney accent to establish the character.

This adjusting of his gait is something that he masters all the way through the performance, allowing the audience to subvert reality and accept him in all the various characters that he plays. Whether he is upright and respectable as Dr Jekyll or hunched and spider-like as Mr Hyde, his physical transformation into all of these characters is quite astonishing.

The heart of the show lies in the character of Mr Utterson – Dr Jekyll’s lawyer and most trusted friend. Mr Utterson is warm and relatable and takes the audience with him through his investigation into the relationship between Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

The set, also designed by Stratford, was basic – just small 19th century tables and props placed strategically across a bare stage, however, this was enough to transport the audience to the time period. Stratford’s costume was that of a true Victorian gentleman, yet it was easy to envision costume changes on the different characters.

While the lighting was basic and minimum, it was essential to the mood and story. It was obvious when there was a scene change as the lighting indicated this – dark with a spotlight for night time, red when there was a murder, soft white for day time and -most striking of all – green when the gruesome Mr Hyde made an appearance.

The final reveal of the real connection between Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde might have played out a little too long, yet it was a tour-de-force of acting from Mr Stratford. He manically changed from character to character, adjusting his accents and stance impeccably. His Mr  Hyde was so menacing during this period that their were several nervous giggles from the audience throughout.

If one was to become analytical then the final fifteen minutes of the story could be compared to someone suffering from addiction – the potion changes his personality until he is needing more and more each time. Mr Stratford’s physical performance left him sweating as protrusively as someone in withdrawal.

Whether metaphorical or not, this performance of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde should not be missed. Mark Stratford deserves many accolades and success for the amount of work and talent that he has poured into this production.


The Stratford Playhouse are currently touring The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. You can find their tour dates here.

For further information visit: stratfordplayhouseproductions.co.uk

March For The Arts Team Up With Creative UK For UK’s Largest Freelance Survey

Creative UK Redesigning Freelancing

At the beginning of November, Creative UK launched Redesigning Freelancing, a collective initiative shaped by members and partners across the UK creative landscape to empower freelance workers and organisations to drive change and build greater equality into freelance workforce.

The initiative is working in partnership with nine Combined Authorities to reach creative communities across the UK and to understand the challenges that freelancers face locally as well as nationally. Liverpool’s March For The Arts, Sky, BFI, IPSE, Freelancer Club, Scottish Ballet, Society of Authors and many others are getting behind the survey, which aims to shape industry standards, drive change and futureproof all parts of the work environment for freelancers across the sector to create greater long-term value and sustainability into the freelance ecology. 

March for the Arts is a collective dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of the arts. They champion those who work in arts industries and campaign positively about the power of the arts to improve lives. Read more about March For The Arts here.

Creative UK’s goal is simple: to cultivate a world where creativity is championed, valued, and fundamentally nurtured.

Caroline Norbury OBE, CEO of Creative UK said:

“Freelancers are the backbone of the Creative Industries. Yet economic uncertainty means we risk losing the next generation of creative freelancers – particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds. We can already see that freelancers are leaving the sector, with skills gaps becoming a major issue across all parts of the UK. However, being a freelancer can be a rewarding career, allowing for greater flexibility and variety. It is our collective responsibility to ensure more is done to protect our freelancers, integrate them with organisations in order to build better partnerships and make sure there is a fair and equal playing field. This survey will help us to identify the key priorities that need action now.” 

Neil Peplow, Director of Industry and International Affairs, BFI said:

“The BFI welcomes this survey, which recognises that freelancers face many challenges and that they may work across different creative industries. Film and TV employs a high proportion of freelance workers who help make the UK a world-class production location. As highlighted in the BFI Skills Review 2022, it is vital that these freelancers are supported to progress and develop their careers if the UK is to grow and retain a highly skilled workforce.”

Are you a freelancer or do you employ freelancers?

Here’s your chance to have your say in the UK’s largest freelance survey, aiming to improve working conditions and drive industry change. 

The survey takes approximately 5 minutes and it would be great to have as many people as possible from as many arts disciplines as possible to take part across the Liverpool City Region.

Take part in the Redesigning Freelancing survey now. The survey is open until 27 January 2023.

Homotopia Festival 2022: Preview

By Eden Wilkinson

Homotopia Festival 2022 - Bitten Peach
Bitten Peach


Founded in 2004, Homotopia Festival returns from 1 – 20 November 2022. The Liverpool LBGTQIA arts organisation’s theme for this year’s festival is ‘Queer Joy Is A Protest’. “We’re tired of being angry. The simple act of living our most fabulous, out and proud queer lives, just the act of being ourselves in a cis-heteronormative world, is a protest.”

The festival will feature a wide range of arts and cultural events happening across Liverpool and online for the next three weeks bringing their vibrancy and inclusivity to the city.

Homotopia 2022 Launch Party

The Homotopia 2022 Launch Party should be a memorable night and one that is long overdue. It will be the festival’s first official launch party since 2019, due to the pandemic, so they’re going big. In partnership with Tate Liverpool and the stunning cabaret collective The Bitten Peach, everyone is invited to the most fabulous (FREE) night of the year.

The Bitten Peach is a Pan-Asian cabaret collective featuring drag, burlesque, circus and variety performers from all over the UK. Expect fierce drag kings, queens and things, comedy, politics, and queer Asian excellence.

Homotopia At Home: Online Content

Homotopia At Home: Online Content will allow people to join the festival online over the three weeks, kicking off on 3 November with an eclectic poetry night, A Lovely Word, that offers a free livestream.

Podcasts also play a big role this year, including an artist in residence Tabby Lamb on the Queer Gaze podcast which is out now.

Check out the Homotopia At Home: Online Content page for all the online content.

Homotopia QueerCore

Homotopia is enriching our local scene with the QueerCore artist development programme which has selected four emerging LGBTQIA artists to receive structured support and professional development opportunities for the next 12 months.

This years selected artists, Kolade T Ladipo, Marcella Rick, Rhiannon May and Rosa Kusabbi, will be performing and exhibiting all around the city during during Homotopia. Find out more about the artists here.

More Homotopia Events

Queer inSIGHT

For a mix of everything Queer inSIGHT on the 6 November at 7pm at the Quarry is a celebration of LGBTQIA, with live music, spoken word, and DJ sets.

UTOPIAN (t&c’s apply)

Supported by the Arts Council England and the National Lottery Grant project UTOPIAN asks if the perfect utopia can exist? It takes circus pop culture and merges it with surrealism. Along with all the fun performative elements of high-heel rollerskating, hula-hooping and strip-teasing the production invites you to ask the essential questions if we are to better our society to be a more inclusive and fair place of “why do people abuse power roles?”

Late At Tate

To celebrate the Turner Prize 2022 and its return to Tate Liverpool, Late At Tate is an evening of free live performances, workshops and talks in response to this year’s shortlisted Turner Prize artists: Heather Phillipson; Ingrid Pollard; Veronica Ryan and Sin Wai Kin.

Queer The City Walking Tour

Homotopia have installed 15 large pieces of public art by LGBTQIA artists in prominent spots and created audio stories queering different areas of the city. Join them for a walking tour, exploring the heart of queer Liverpool, the visible and the unknown, the famous, infamous and untold stories of LGBTQIA life in the city.

This Arab Is Queer

Celebrating the release of a ground-breaking new anthology called This Arab Is Queer, Homotopia’s event brings together editor Elias Jahshan with essayists Madian Alijazeera and Anbara Salam for an evening of readings and lively chat.

Please Touch The Art (itch my brain)

Please Touch The Art (itch my brain) is a textile art exhibition from QueerCore artist Rhiannon May. The exhibition takes the audience inside the workings of the brain on a chaotic and colourful journey.

Sarah-Joy Ford presents Pride is a Protest: Banner Making Workshop

Join textile artist Sarah-Joy Ford for a hands-on craft workshop inspired by queer activism, visual culture and community story telling.

Visit the Homotopia website to view the full programme of events.

Homotopia aims to make queer art accessible for everyone, with fifteen of the projects and events featured over the next three weeks being free and the rest having a maximum ticket price of £12.

Homotopia is set to bring light and vibrancy to our city as the darker days of Autumn begin to draw in. For more information and tickets visit the Homotopia website at https://www.homotopia.net/festival/

Live Audiences Are Getting A Taste of Milap’s Indian Arts and Culture Scene This Year

By Amna Akram

Milap 2022 Programme - Roshni : Sonia Sabri Company
Roshni : Sonia Sabri Company

Milap is an international Indian Arts and Culture Company, with its roots starting in Liverpool from the 1980’s to provide meaningful cultural activities.

The ‘Indian Cultural Evenings’ founded by Dr Prashant Nayak, enhanced friendships, understanding and similar interests, between the Host community and people of South Asian origin who made their home in Britain.

Over the 35 years, Milap has grown to accommodate vast audiences who have an interest in Indian Arts by incorporating music, dance, films, and visual arts through enchanting live performances.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, human interactions were limited which meant the arts organisation had to move its programmes online, although 2022 was and is the year normality resumed.

In April the ‘Music for the Mind & Soul’ concert series made a return to The Capstone Theatre for live audiences to have a good time and socialise again.

The concert series began in 1991 and through the decades has featured renowned stars, emerging musicians of the Indian diaspora, and the next generation of British talent.

Milap’s current Autumn 2022 programme has been gaining traction for its show-stopping line up of Indian Arts and Culture.

The programme explores the blending of British and Indian culture, and the ground-breaking relationships, possibilities, and masterful art and music that is created when the two collide in harmony.

The anticipated launch kicked off last week on 5 October at the Tung Auditorium with the talented North Indian classical singer, Prabhat Rao, who has also been a lead vocalist for the UK’s National Indian Classical Ensemble “Tarang”.

The autumn series will come to an end with a show-stopping musical extravaganza from Mercury prize winner Talvin Singh OBE on 18 November at the same venue of the launch forming a full circle.

Pravinder Singh, Head of Programmes and Planning at Milap, said:

“For us at Milap one of the great opportunities is that we get to present some amazing musicians. The musicians who we are presenting in this particular series are what we call the future talks or generation next artists of Indian music and dance.”

He continued: “I’m hoping for audiences to come, sit back, relax and be in a safe environment and interact with not just the artists on stage, but other audience members to share their experiences and thoughts and hopefully love of Indian music and dance.”

To find out more about the music genres explored, artists involved and the several shows running till November, check out our Milap Autumn 2022 programme feature.

River of Light Festival Returns For 2022

River of Light is set to illuminate the waterfront across 17 nights from Friday 21 October to Sunday 6 November, and will showcase ten artworks from a host of local, national and international artists along a 2km route.

River of Light 2022 - Evanescent is one of this year’s River of Light installations ©HQ Images
Evanescent is one of this year’s River of Light installations ©HQ Images

The installations will include a mix of brand new, never-before-seen commissions as well as existing artworks which haven’t been on display in the city before.

The theme of this year’s free event is Unexpected Twist in a nod to the World Gymnastics Championships 2022 which is taking place in the city during the same period.

Full details of all ten pieces, the artists and their locations will be unveiled next month, but to whet people’s appetite the team behind the trail has announced the first two pieces:

  • BEAM – A brand new commission by the acclaimed Lucid Creates (artists Helen Swan and Chris Carr) will see a beam of light transport visitors to a hot, summer’s day, accompanied by the sounds of the British countryside. But after several minutes the feeling of peace and warmth will change to unease and suspense… Located at Canning Graving Dock, opposite Museum of Liverpool, the artists behind the work are no strangers to River of Light and have previously showcased large-scale artworks including 2021’s incredibly popular Dance Together – a huge tribute to the legendary nightclub Chibuku. 
  • Evanescent – A series of giant bubbles will take over Exchange Flags courtesy of Australian artists Atelier Sisu. The immersive sound and light structure will react to visitors as they explore the artwork, depicting the transient nature of human existence. It has already been showcased in locations including Taiwan, the USA, Greece and Australia.

River of Light will be delivered by Liverpool City Council’s Culture Liverpool team and is supported by Arts Council England.

River of Light 2022
Friday 21 October – Sunday 6 November 2022
Liverpool City Centre & Waterfront

For more information and announcements visit https://www.cultureliverpool.co.uk/

Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse Autumn/Winter 2022 Programme Preview

By Jessica Marshall

Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse Winter 2022 Programme Preview

The Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse have announced their Autumn/Winter 2022 programme of events, with some fantastic shows lined up to brighten up your Autumn/Winter and give you something to look forward to. Here’s a look ahead to their upcoming shows.

Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse Autumn/Winter 2022 Programme

A Billion Times I Love You (27 September – 8 October)

The Everyman is presenting to you a modern-day queer love story which is sure to take you on a rollercoaster journey of emotions. This play focuses on different love languages and how to display your love for someone when it feels unreciprocated.

Tickets from £11 to £26

Othello (4 – 8 October)

Shakespeare’s Othello is coming to you this October at the Playhouse Theatre. This award-winning drama focuses on themes of love, sex, murder, and betrayal, transformed, and reimagined into a 21st century world. How easily can relationships be broken when they’re built on paranoia and manipulation?

Tickets from £10 to £30

A Lovely World Featuring Elle Dillon-Reams (6 October)

A Lovely Word promises a night full of beautiful and thought-provoking poetry for all you poetry fanatics and writers out there on October 6th at The Everyman. Elle Dillon-Reams is a spoken word artist who has sold out two spoken shows after winning multiple poetry competitions over the past few years. If you’re a poet and would like to show off your talent, you can sign up to speak at this event! Best of all, the entire event is completely free. All you have to do is show up.

More information

The Importance Of Being Earnest (11 – 15 October)

Award winner Denzel Westley-Sanderson brings Oscar Wilde’s famous play ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’ to a new life, with themes explored such as family, gender, class, and sexuality, packed with plenty of wit and humour. Don’t miss out on a night full of laughter and heart-warming moments at the beautiful Everyman theatre.

Tickets from £10 to £35

Deep Blue (20 – 22 October)

This October the Everyman presents ‘Deep Blue’ a play which focuses on the feeling of growing up and yearning to find where you belong. We meet Riley, the main character who feels connected to the solemness of the worlds loneliest whale on a David Attenborough documentary. In a world as big as this, many people crave human connection and are searching for their place to call home.

Tickets from £11 to £16

The Smartest Giant in Town (25 – 29 October)

The Playhouse theatre represents a story book brought to life on stage for your little ones to enjoy. From puppets to costumes and stage props, your children are sure to be kept entertained for the night. Who knows, you might enjoy it too. George the giant goes on a journey involving a makeover and a quest to help his new friends carry through their mission.

Tickets from £10 to £14

Murder Mystery – The Body Snatchers: Halloween 2022 Special (28 October)

Indulge in a spooky treat this Halloween season and get down to the Everyman to immerse yourself into a thrilling murder mystery. Set in Liverpool 1826, a body is discovered in one of the ships lined up at the docks, and Johnathon fears it is his cousin who has been MIA for the past few weeks. Will he find out who it is and what price will he have to pay for exposing the truth?

Tickets £25

An Audience With The Scaffold (29 October)

On the 29th of October at The Everyman Theatre, John Gorman, Roger McGough, and Mike “McGear” McCartney are returning to Liverpool to celebrate 60 years of The Scaffold. Be prepared for a night of comedic sketches, poetry, and songs from these Liverpool legends to create a night full of memories that you won’t forget.

Tickets from £16 to £31

Filla Crack’s Halloween Drag Cabaret 2022 (29 October)

Join these scouse drag queens at The Everyman for a spooky night of glitz, glam and glorious costume, bringing to you Liverpool’s very own Sanderson sisters with a twist. ‘The Sefton Sisters.’ Get to planning your outfits and join these queens for a night full of laughter, fun and dragtastic outfits. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the spooky season.

Tickets £25

State Of Mind Symposium In person & Online (3 November)

20 Stories High have raised awareness for the importance of focus on mental health in Liverpool over the past 4 years, with talks and workshops focused on what we can do as a community to support one another and put our own wellbeing above all other life responsibilities. This year they are coming to The Everyman to bring a range of discussions, presentations, and workshops to educate the people of Liverpool.

In-Person Tickets – Pay What You Can
Online Tickets – Pay What You Can

A Lovely Word x Homotopia (3 November)

A lovely Word and Homotopia are teaming up to present to you a night of LQBTQIA poetry with an open mic and a headliner on in the first half of the night. If you are a poet fanatic or you love to see people showcase their talent, come down to this FREE event and meet some new people! There is also a chance to take part if you are a poet who would love the opportunity to perform in front of others.

More Information

TOUCHY + ANTHOLOGY (3 & 4 November)

20 Stories High will bring to you a night filled with Liverpool’s best rappers, poets, singer, and Ninjas! With two themes of the night, ‘Touchy’ will begin in the first half featuring a collection of award-winning short films which all centre around the theme of touch, made to captivate and entertain. The second half of the night will present ‘Analogy’ which brings fourth a collection of funny and emotive testimonies performed on stage, from hip hop music to a perfect combination of poetry and Ninja moves. It sounds like a unique night that you don’t want to miss out on.

Tickets £11

Brown Girls Do It Too: Mama Told Me Not to Come (4 November)

At The Playhouse Poppy Jay and Rubina Pabani present to you a night filled with personal entertainment and life advice, focusing on themes such as navigating life, sexpectations and the messy reality that we all live in. Crowned ‘The funniest woman in Britain’ by The Times, their unapologetic and raw personalities are sure to draw you in and make you feel seen. From sketches to humorous songs and personal anecdotes, it is sure to be a night you won’t regret.

Tickets from £11 to £19

David O’Doherty: Whoa Is Me (11 November)

Stand-up comedian David O’Doherty joins The Playhouse Theatre for a night of humour, wit, and maybe a little bit of singing accompanied by his famous keyboard. From Live at the Apollo to 8 Out Of 10 Cats, David is set to perform in Liverpool, a show not to miss. Come and find out what all the hype is about.

Tickets from £14 to £23

Flo & Joan: Sweet Release 2022 (12 November)

Musical comedy duo, Flo and Jean are set to perform in The Playhouse Theatre this November, to bring to Liverpool a night of brilliant songs and great comedy. With multiple sell out tours across the globe, we can see why these two women are so loved with their witty humour and infectious personalities, paired with their famous retro look.

Tickets from £11 to £23.50

Mark Thomas: Black and White (16 & 17 November)

The Playhouse welcomes award winning comedian Mark Thomas this winter, with themes of capitalism and uniting together as a community to learn and grow, this night will focus on new ideas for uplifting ourselves and each other and finding hope in uncertain times.

Tickets £17.50

Les Dawson: Flying High (19 November)

Jon Culshaw joins The Playhouse Theatre to celebrate the very much missed comedic legend Les Dawson, bringing his stage presence back to life with this amazing tribute. From sketches to retelling of incidents from his life, join Jon Culshaw to keep the memory of Les alive and enjoy some good ol’ comedy.

Tickets from £15 to £24

Noughts & Crosses (22 – 25 November)

Noughts and Crosses is a play which focuses on racial and social divides, represented by two groups, The Noughts and The Crosses, and the struggles that emerge when two people fall in love from each group. Inspired by Romeo and Juliet, this play involves themes of violence brought upon by forbidden love.

Tickets from £10 to £30

The Rock N’ Roll Panto Red Riding Hood (25 November – 14 January 2023)

Prepare to enter a world of wolves, bears, and an unsuspecting girl in a bright red dress. From dazzling costumes to brilliant stage props and musical performances, Little Red Riding Hood is being brought to life right in our own Everyman Theatre. A perfect event to bring your family to this winter. Prepare to be dazzled.

Tickets from £16 to £41

A Lovely Word Featuring The Repeat Beat Poet (1 December)

Lovely Word is back with a headliner in the first half of the show and open mic poets in the second, once again free of cost! If you’re looking for a fun and chilled night of poetry then this event is perfect for you. Ghanaian poet Peter De-graft Johnson will be performing his amazing poetry, you don’t want to miss it.

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SIX (6 – 8 December)

The Playhouse presents, hit musical SIX, from Broadway to Liverpool, this famous West end Show is a perfect way to celebrate the Christmas season and treat your family to an amazing night of Pop Princesses, Tudor Queens, and the six wives of Henry the VIII within the 21st girl power theatre performance. It’ll leave you feeling uplifted and empowered.

Tickets from £10 to £45