Interview: Actor & Gustaffson Frontman Andrew Gower

Andrew Gower -Frontman of Gustaffson - Liverpool Empire Theatre - Photo by Sam Fountayne
Andrew Gower at the Liverpool Empire Theatre. Photo Credit: Sam Fountayne

Liverpool actor and musician, Andrew Gower, has appeared in many acclaimed TV projects such as Black Mirror, Outlander, YOU and most recently The Winter King. Many may be surprised to know that Andrew is also a songwriter and frontman of Gustaffson.

In 2022 Gustaffson recorded their first EP, ‘The Jacaranda’, with Elbow’s Craig Potter at the helm in Blueprint Studios, Manchester. Released in August 2022, the EP has been played across local and national BBC Radio stations, including being Guy Garvey’s Record of The Week on BBC 6Music’s Finest Hour.

Alongside the EP, their first music video for the single ‘The Jacaranda’ scored a massive coup by starring legendary actor Sue Johnston and was recently screened on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. It’s a beautiful video!

The band have recently released a new live single, ‘Champagne Socialist’, which was recorded on the historic Liverpool Empire Theatre stage. Impressively, it’s shot in one continuous take by upcoming director Sam Fountayne.

The track is a wonderful, modern blues, with Andrew’s emotive and soulful vocals keeping you gripped throughout. His coruscating lyrics certainly take no prisoners and give the song a real bite.

We were lucky enough to speak to Andrew to find out more about him and Gustaffson.

Andrew Gower - Gustaffson

Uncover Liverpool: Tell us a bit about yourself Andrew and your band Gustaffson.

Andrew Gower: I’m a Liverpool born Actor & Singer & Song writer/Musician. For the past decade I’ve been lucky enough to work consistently in Film, Television and Theatre in shows like Black Mirror, Outlander, Being Human, Carnival Row and most recently The Winter King. In 2020 I started writing and releasing music under the pseudonym ‘Gustaffson’. Last year (August 2022) we released our debut EP ‘The Jacaranda’ produced by Elbows Craig Potter.

UL: How would you best describe your music?

AG: I’d say our music is a blend of Rock, Folk and more recently Soul/Funk (a sign of things too come), but the foundation of all of our music is definitely in the story telling. With every song we think about our audience. What story do we want to tell them, lyrically and musically. How do we want to present it and serve it up without spoon feeding them. The best stories don’t have to be explained. Which I guess is what makes them universal.

UL: Tell us a bit about your new single ‘Champagne Socialist’.

AG: Our new single ‘Champagne Socialist’ was recorded Live on the Liverpool Empire Theatre stage. It’s our second live release since the EP. I’d say it’s Gustaffson’s most rock and roll track to date. It’s one of many new songs we’d love to include on a future album. Again presenting a lyrical message with memorable riffs and hooks. Dirty Vintage Rock and Roll. There’s a beauty in the imperfection and reality of a live performance. I’d say the empire stage is the lead character In the track.

UL: The video for ‘Champagne Socialist’ was filmed at a one-take at the Liverpool Empire Theatre. It looks incredible. How did that come about?

AG: It was recorded live in the theatre and shot in one continuous take by upcoming director Sam Fountayne (Fountayne Films). The video was inspired by the live variety acts of old (that were hosted on the same stage). A homage to artists like the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and the incredible Chuck Berry. We also drew inspiration from the film Birdman, wanting the audience to feel like they are on that historic stage with the band. I love the idea of being able to see these historic performances from the wings.

‘Champagne Socialist’ (Live at The Liverpool Empire Theatre) Official Video

UL: What’s your process for writing and creating music?

AG: Our process of writing music is forever changing. I think at its heart is collaboration. I’ve been writing lyrics since I was 15 and each story or song is always brought to life by the collaboration process. They are like little stories or scripts I carry around with me. They can be inspired by an instrument, a riff, a producer or even a piece of artwork. I’ve watched a lot of films of late and gone in the studio the next day with a clear idea for a song. That’s what I love about writing music – there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

UL: What do you like about Liverpool and the Liverpool music scene?

AG: I think the first that comes to mind when I think of Liverpool and music, is of course the history. The influence the city has had on shaping what we call ‘the music industry’. What I love about the city is we are a unique port. A city that survived a lot of hardship through telling stories. Stories that come in & out of the city on boats – just like when Rock & Roll arrived into the port back in the 50’s.

Gustaffson have alot to thank the current Liverpool music scene for. With huge help and support from venues like The Jacaranda and Phase One/Jacaranda record store. A venue that inspired our first EP and helped us arrange our bands launch. Now we are set to headline the iconic Cavern Club – which has been on the wish list for a very very long time. Bands will always return to Liverpool to perform or write music – because it holds such a weight in the music world.

‘The Jacaranda’ Official Music Video Starring Sue Johnston OBE

UL: You’ve got a headline gig coming up at The Cavern Club, what can we expect from the night?

AG: Our headline gig at the Cavern Club will have us play all of our latest music. That’s songs from our debut EP ‘The Jacaranda’, our new live singles (Northern Baby & Champagne Socialist) and a host of new music. Alongside our headline set we are excited to give the audience a proper ‘old school’ variety night. Special guests include: the screening of an award winning short film ‘The Entertainer’ starring Toby Jones & directed by Jonathan Schey. Music by Liverpool singer & song writer Martha Goddard and indie jazz singer Iris Holmes (who will be performing in the city for the first time). G33 from the amazing Girls Don’t Sync will be our DJ for the evening. The whole event will be hosted by TV/Radio presenter & Actor Cel Spellman. At all of our gigs we want to give our audience a whole experience: art that we believe and champion – as well as our own music.

UL: What does the rest of 2023 have in store for you?

AG: We’ll finish 2023 with a trio of headline gigs. Starting at the Cavern Club Liverpool (7th September), then the Peer Hat Manchester (22nd September) and finishing at The 100 Club London (8th November). Three of our favourite venues in the U.K. We will continue our collaboration with upcoming film makers and record a new live single in October. This will support our headline gig in London. We hope to record an album early in 2024 and to continue working with some of our favourite music producers.

Gustaffson’s single ‘Champagne Socialist’ is out now and can be streamed here.

Grab tickets for Gustaffson’s upcoming gigs here.

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Celebrating A Decade of Dance: Liverpool Disco Festival 10 Preview

Liverpool Disco Festival
© Photography by Hannah Barnes (

Liverpool’s vibrant soul is about to come alive once again as the iconic Liverpool Disco Festival gears up for its monumental 10th edition. Set against the backdrop of the city’s rich musical history, this year’s event promises to be a glitter-infused celebration of disco and house that transcends boundaries and genres. Mark your calendars for 19th August, as CONTENT prepares to host an unforgettable day and night of groove, featuring an impressive lineup that will keep you dancing from dusk till dawn.

Since its inception, Liverpool Disco Festival has been more than just an event; it’s a testament to the undying spirit of a musical movement that has roots running deep in the heart of the city. This year, the festival returns stronger than ever, bringing together an array of artists from across Europe and the United States, uniting soulful genre legends and inspiring new talents in a kaleidoscopic celebration.

A Legendary Lineup: The Soundtrack of the Night

The 10th edition of Liverpool Disco Festival boasts a lineup that reads like a who’s who of disco and house music. Prepare to be mesmerised as Chicago House Legends Ten City grace the stage, making their debut with a full band performance. Their iconic tracks, including “That’s The Way Love Is,” “My Piece Of Heaven,” and “Devotion,” will transport you back to the golden era of house music. Joined by Byron Stingily, Ten City will deliver a show to remember, enriched by the quintessential voice of Soulful House Kenny Bobien, who will add his soul-stirring energy to the performance.

NYC disco legends Odyssey return to the festival, armed with a full band ready to deliver hits like “Going Back To My Roots” and “Inside Out.” Expect an electrifying set that includes classics from Chic, Sister Sledge, and more, as they set the stage ablaze once again.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. John Morales, a staple of NYC’s Studio 54 scene from the 1970s, will be bidding farewell to his faithful crowd as part of his worldwide retirement tour. The decks will also be graced by Glitterbox and Defected’s Kirollus and Marcel Vogel, along with Rahaan, Malfalda B2B Rebecca Vasmant, Sy Sez, Morgan, and Dharma Collective, ensuring a night of non-stop dancefloor magic.

Beyond the Beats: A Weekend of Celebrations

Liverpool Disco Festival isn’t just a one-night affair. The festivities kick off with the traditional ‘Welcome To The Disco Session’ on Friday 18th August, and the magic continues with the ‘Sign Off’ Session on Sunday 20th August, both hosted at the picturesque Botanical Garden. Main event ticket holders will enjoy exclusive complimentary entry to these additional parties, extending the disco euphoria throughout the weekend.

As James Morgan, the founder of Liverpool Disco Festival, eloquently puts it, “Our bi-annual main Disco Festival events are the culmination of that and it’s clear to see that it brings a lot of people a huge amount of joy as they dance, hug, smile and connect positively via the unifying message which Disco & House music undoubtedly bring in abundance.”

From its humble beginnings nurtured in the late-night sessions of The Magnet to becoming an essential part of Liverpool’s musical fabric, the festival has evolved over the years, drawing larger and more diverse crowds with each passing edition.

A Glittering Decade Ahead

As the 10th edition approaches, Liverpool Disco Festival is poised to deliver an experience like never before. The dance, the energy, the unity – it’s all coming together to create a night that promises to be the best yet. So, grab your dancing shoes, gather your friends, and join the city in celebrating a decade of dance, joy, and the soulful sound of disco and house music. Get ready to groove your way into the heart of Liverpool’s music scene on 19th August at CONTENT.

Liverpool Disco Festival
Saturday 19th August
Doors Open: 2pm – midnight
CONTENT, Cains Brewery Village, Stanhope St, Liverpool, L8 5XJ
Tickets and info at: